Death penalty in the USA – Handout

Death penalty in the USA History The Death Penalty is the longest punishment worldwide The Death Penalty began at the begin of the British colonial The First Execution in the USAin the year 1608 Captain George Kendall was executed in virginia because of being a spy for spain Current Situation 29 states in the USA still have the Death Penalty 21 states no longer have the death penalty Texas have the most executions in the USA USA is on the 7th place worldwide Pros & Cons Arguments for Arguments against Reduce crime by scaring off The death penalty is very expensive Give the family…


Constitutional Monarchy & The Parliament

The Uk: Constitutional Monarchy & The Parliament Index What is the constitutional monarchy?What else can the Queen determine?Parliament of the United KingdomComparison between the British and the German political system The constituional monarchy The constitutional monarchy is a variant of monarchy.A policy, in which the monarchs are limited by the constitution What else can the Queen determine? Appoint the Prime Minister (Majority of the HoC has to agree with)Can dismiss the Prime MinisterCalls the parliament, can also postpone it or break it upCan approve laws without the HoL .Parliament of the United KingdomBicameral (House of Lords/House of Commons)Monarch is the third partHoC-650 members/HoL-810 membersMaintask…


Beijing/Peking Englisch Präsentation – EURKOM

Beijing Introduction Following Structure - history - climate/geography - politics - tourist attraction Beijing has nearly 21 millions citizen and is China's second largest city. The whole administrative district is so big as Schleswig-Holstein. Most people think the capital city from China is a very modern and up to date city but it is not. You can not compare this city with for example Shanghai because it is very different. Most people live in small blocks of flats or so-called Hutong which are small, low buildings. On the picture below you see the small skyline from Beijing and that´s the only one. As a…

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