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Following Structure
– history
– climate/geography
– politics
– tourist attraction

Beijing has nearly 21 millions citizen and is China’s second largest city. The whole administrative district is so big as Schleswig-Holstein.
Most people think the capital city from China is a very modern and up to date city but it is not. You can not compare this city with for example Shanghai because it is very different. Most people live in small blocks of flats or so-called Hutong which are small, low buildings. On the picture below you see the small skyline from Beijing and that´s the only one. As a result you can still see much real history and that is not very common in China because they have destroyed many historic buildings for new ones.


The history of Beijing is very long, over 3000 years. I will start with the history when Beijing first got his name. It was during the Ming dynastys that ruled over Beijing from 1368 to 1644. In this time the forbidden city was built but I will tell you about that later. After the Ming dynasty Beijing and China were ruled by the Qing dynasty. In the 18.Century Beijing had its heyday. After this heyday the empire was near to collapse. Because the British army fought with the Chinese people. They fought because Great Britian sold their Opium from India to China.
After this war the boxer rebellion took place, they fought against the colonial powers. In this time the dynasties collapsed and in 1949 the People Republic of China was founded in Beijing.

Climate and Location

The translation of Beijing is northern capital. In the east there is the Golf of Buhai and in the west there are some mountains. The climate is like by us, warm summers and cold winters. The average yearly temperature is 11 degrees. That sounds all fine but the weather isn´t good because of the smog. The smog is the biggest problem at the moment. (German people from small cities would say that it is fog because it looks like- but it isn´t.) The smog results from coal power station and combustion engines. It is very bad for health and may lead to cancer and heart problems. Smog is just a regional problem but 16 out of the 20 biggest cities have smog in China.

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